The objectives of Egyptian psychiatric Association are similar to those of the WPA namely.
  • (i) Increase knowledge and skills necessary for work in the field of mental health and in the care for the mentally ill.
  • (ii) Improve the care for the mentally ill.
  • (iii) Prevent mental disorders.
  • (iv) Promote mental health.
  • (v) Preserve the rights of the mentally ill.
  • (vi) Promote the development and observance of the highest ethical standards in psychiatric care, teaching and research.
  • (vii) Promote the development of the highest quality standards in psychiatric care, teaching and research, as well as the observance of such standards.
  • (viii) Promote non-discrimination (parity) in the provision of care of the mentally ill.
  • (ix) Protect the rights of psychiatrists.
Some of the recent achievements of the Egyptian Psychiatric association during the last two years are:
  • The Egyptian Psychiatric Association has managed to establish and own its Official Headquarters in El Moltaka Towers, El Abbassia
  • Also the Egyptian Psychiatric Association has managed to improve the Mental Health Act (2009) of care of mental patients in the health council of the House of People (Parliament) and in the parliamentary discussions to make it compatible with the Egyptian Culture.
  • The Egyptian Psychiatric Association has managed through the help of H.E. Field Marshal Tantawy, the Minister of Defence, to have the exemption of the military service written as "for medical reasons" instead of" due to a mental disorder", with retrospective implications.
  • The Egyptian Psychiatric Association has succeeded in recruiting the Mass Media, and through strikes to stop the selling of the Abbassia Mental Health Hospital to investors
  • Professor Okasha managed to have the funding to allow the most widely spread Psychiatric Journal (33,000 copies worldwide)” World Psychiatry” to be published in Arabic (three issues per year), and to be distributed freely to all psychiatrists in the Arab region.
  • Educational and training courses held in the Egyptian Psychiatric Association headquarters are currently implemented all year around.
  • The World Psychiatric Association with the Egyptian Psychiatric Association will have the regional symposium held in Cairo, 26-28 Jan 2011 on Comorbidity of Mental and Physical Disorders and almost one thousand psychiatrists will be attending from the Arab region and worldwide.
You are welcome to navigate through the Egyptian Psychiatric Association website to recognize more about our society.
Prof. Ahmed Okasha
President Egyptian Psychiatric Association
Honorary President Arab Federation of Psychiatrists
President of World Psychiatric Association (2002-2005)